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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  September 13, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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good father, good brother, good friend. >> anywith information can call metro police. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. we have our inner harbor downtown. in new york they have their central park without central peace because of a brutal attack. a 73-year-old woman was raped while bird watching. she was found face down in the area known as straw about ri fields. >> her face was badly beaten. she had mulch on her face and mud. she told me she had been raped. >> the victim said her attacker was the same man she photographed masturbating in the park earlier this month.
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she said the man confronted her after she refused to release the pictures. police said the man is identified as david albert mitchell. they took him into custody. at least four people were killed and eight others injured after a vehicle slamed into a bus stop here in las vegas. it happened early this morning. the car was speeding when this barreled into the bus stop. it was traveling so fast that it flew into the air before crashing. the unidentified driver apparently drunk. his blood will be tested to determine if he was drunk and if he will face charges. negotiations continue between the teachers union and school officials. the main concern is the percentage of student performance used to evaluate teachers. teachers say it's unfair since there are many factors they can't control. until a deal is reached, some schools are being kept open on a
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limited bay circumstance mainly to provide meals. >> antiu.s. demonstration are spreading in the middle east a day after the american ambassador to libya was killed. >> reporter: first egypt, then libya, now yemen. protesters tried stearming -- storming the embassy while yelling "death to america." the anger is over a picture of the prophet mohammed representing fraud. >> there is no justification, none at all for responding to this video with violence. >> reporter: investigators are still tracking the men who carried out tuesday's attack on
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the u.s. consulate in libya that killed ambassador chris stevens and others. two u.s. warships are positioned near by a majority of libyans have condemned the attack. >> tell the learn people we are so sorry about the killing of ambassador stevens, one person said. >> reporter: we are learning more about the film entitled "innocence of muslim." a man has admitted to managing the production company, but cindy says it was the filmmaker who changed the script. >> he said tell the world it wasn't me that- he that did it but me. i'm tired of radical muslims going around killing everybody. >> reporter: the libyan government said it has made
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several arrests. reporting for abc2 los angeles. coming up, toys are -- toys 'r us are trying to help parents who frantically search for toys for the holidays. >> well, we let them crawl under the car, look under the hood. ql mini van -- which mini van had trouble in its past. we have tips on how to spot a rebuilt wreck. that's coming up. i'm wyatt everhart, taking a look at our brand-new weather bug cam. havre de grace. will this weather hold up all weekend? we've got the answer coming up.
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if you're heading up to new york city this weekend, you won't be able to pick up a sugar sized soda. the city passed the ban. the city issued the ban to fight obesity. the soda industry expects to protest. it will take effect in six months and not apply to grocery stores. >> battery maker energizer said they're make the packages on the
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coin batteries more child resistance. this is in response to reports of small children swallowing batteries and getting seriously hurt. other companies said they will take steps to prevent kids from the bat rills. more than 40,000 kids were treated in emergency rooms for injuries related to swallowing batteries between the years 1977 and 2010. >> when the holidays roll around you want to get your hand on the hottest toys. toys 'r us are allowing people to make reservations. just put a 20% down. the reservations have to be made in person at a toys r us store. that's not a bad idea. all right. presidential candidates heading back to the battleground states. we have the latest from mitt romney and president obama on
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the campaign trail. are you tired of dog owners not picking up after their pets?
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i wanted to load up the havre de grace camera. blue skies. let me step out. enjoy the shot. savor the weather. it is crisp, cool and sunny. you can see that the weather is much the same across the area with the temperatures in the low 80s to near 80 degrees. basically, again, this is what we wait for all year, almost no wind, certainly no rain. chesapeake beach, a sunny scenario. all across the area we seat bright conditions in baltimore itself. we've got a gorgeous, gorgeous
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scenario for very competitive baseball. no question about that. again, enjoying what is some great weather right now. current conditions at bwi. we've got temperatures in the mid to upper 70s across the area. 78 at bwi. humidity is comfortably low at 47%. temperatures comfortable to low 80s. the dew points in the mid-40s. this is gorgeous. we're going to stay clear tonight, clear first thing when you wake up, maybe some fog. as we start off the day and low valleys a little bit of fog. otherwise, not bad at all. the trend shows this. that front we've been talking about begins to march into the high country west of us. by 6:00 maybe some showers from hagerstown west. then we go to tomorrow evening. looks like the showers will fall apart. nothing more than a stray shower into early saturday. look at this, nice and clear and brilliant blue skies will be back saturday and sunday. it will be breezy through the
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day on saturday. so it is clear for now but watching that front to the west. behind this not particularly cold air but certainly a shot that will drop us back into the 70s as opposed to the low to mid-80s. we've got nadine. so nadine a potent system that is on the edge of hurricane status, deep convex in the open atlantic water. nadine we see taking a reconsider offing path. that's going to get it safely out to sea but the winds pushing up close to 70 miles an hour, so an interesting storm in the tropics although it's no threat to u.s. interests. tonight 58, clear. patchy fog tomorrow 83. maybe a stray shower into tomorrow evening. otherwise, partly cloudy and not quite as cool butt will cool
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down again as we go into the weekend. 80s tomorrow. back into the 70s, mid-70s on the board by sunday and breezy on saturday. into next week the possibility of rain comes back, especially into the day tuesday. tuesday could feature quite a bit of rain. enjoy the weekend with high prsh in control. don't forget to check ot our apps online, the news app, weather app and storm shield app. you can track the rain using one of our apps. used cars, previously owned, they're great if you can find the right one at the right price. >> let's bring in abc2 news investigator joce sterman. she's back live with us on the avenue in whitemarsh with the result of the huge car challenge. josie? >> reporter: it's not as easy as
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you think. if your car had big dents in it, you'd know there's something wrong with it but that's in the what you're going to find on the market e there will be little tiny telltale signs. you have to check the carfax report, have a mechanic look at it. the people from carfax put out these three mini vans, all used, 2012 but one is a rebuilt wreck. all afternoon we had people looking at them to see which is which. they should be looking for specific things. what things should they be looking for? >> we all do the once over, kick the tires on the dealers lot. lock down the car. make sure the lines are good, clean. look at the gas in the car, hood, trunk. make sure they're sell met
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trical eve. look for overspray. look for bolts and nuts that have been replaced that don't match the wear and tear on the other car. look for the vin number, especially the hood and the trunk. the vin numbers are there. if they don't show up, it means it may have been replaced. >> reporter: do people realize those telltale signs are there or do they need a trained eye. >> need a traned eye. little signs of wear and tear, so you need to consult experts like carfax and mechanics to help you peel back the layers of the onion. >> reporter: a carfax report for the most part will tell you if the car has been involved in a wreck, but also check with a meek -- mechanic. >> a one-two punch. it's the one we often skip, the
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one that's just as important. the mechanic has that trained eye and tells you what's been repaired and wrecked. >> reporter: some people were going under the car, looking under the hood, checking the paint. a few people were cheating. i'm not calling you out, but a couple were cheating using the carfax mobile app. which one is the rebuilt wreck and what are the telltale signs. >> it is the far one. it's on the carfax report. this vehicle, the town and country on the end had extensive rear end damage, the bumper, lift gate were replaced. you want to make sure this was repaired properly. there's no reason you can't buy the car, but just know it. >> reporter: we've had people looking around all day looking at the little grooves in the car, looking for spots. show us real quick highlights that people may not have noticed
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that you would notice if you had a carfax report. >> one of the big things that's hard to tell is the paint on the bummer doesn't quite match the paint on the body. it's a different shade. it's really hard to match perfectly the shade of paint. so you want to look at different shades of paint. look for signs that the car is newer. get underneath the vehicle. cars today are unibodies. the frame is important to prostect you in an accident. if the frame is off, it will not protect you. >> reporter: chris from carfax tricking us today but for a purpose to teach us a lesson about buying a used car and doing your lesson. we're back to you. >> well, it's back not battleground states for the presidential race. president obama in colorado and mitt romney in virginia. tory dunnan, given what's going
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on in libya, yemen, foreign policy has got to be a hot button. >> reporter: for a second day in a row, the debate over foreign policy takes center page. at a campaign event in virginia, mitt romney continued to criticize the president. >> as we watch the world today, sometimes we're at the mercy of the events. >> reporter: meanwhile, president obama spoke in an event in colorado and stuck to a presidential tone. >> what we see on our television there's still threats to the world and we have to remain vigilant. >> reporter: kelly, the vice-president is also busy on the campaign trail. earlier he made a stop in wisconsin, which has recently become another tossup state and found out that president obama heads there next week for a fund-raiser. >> a little bit out from the
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conventions. what are we seeing from the poling numbers. >> reporter: the president was in colorado. this is a brand-new poll from american research griew. obama has a slide lead over romney, 49%, 47%. ohio, the president at 48%, romney 47%. that's a dead heat. michigan the president has a 10 percentage point lead. michigan is not a battleground state but it's interesting to look at because it's romney's home state and his father was once the governor there. >> you mentioned wisconsin and now back in the nation's capital, what can you tell bus paul ryan. >> reporter: earlier today he came back to d.c. he is expected to make an appearance on the house floor that would keep the government
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funded after october 1st. he's also doing a meet and greet with house republicans. they're able to stop by and chat with him if they want. >> thanks for that live report. all right. president obama is adding star power. beyonce will hold a fund-raiser along with her husband jay z. anyone who gives money will be entered into a raffle and could be flown out. this will take place september 18th at jay z's club in new york city. >> two people shot, one person killed in the mt. vernon neighborhood. police have a man in custody. and this next story coming up is for you. why some people are really upset about something that isn't going to be included in the new phone's hefty price tag. now let's take a preview of
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what's coming your way at 6:30. >> coming up on world news, buying your medical records online, even spark price wars? how much? who buys them? [ç?w?ñ?ñ anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel...
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have you ever gone for a walk and discovered that someone didn't peck up after fido. an area in texas is cracking down on it. the homeowners association is requested that every dog owner have the dog's dna put on file.
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>> seems like everything is death more my cree managed. when you start regulating people's dog's poop -- >> the hoa said the dna testing is the last resort measure and kind of extreme, don't you think? >> do you have one of these in your wallet? i got one for you, one for me, a penny. >> one vermont sports store is no longer accepting them. he said customers don't seem to mind. it won't change the way merchandise is bought and paid for. >> doesn't matter to them, really. check transactions, credit card transactions, nothing has changed. on cash transactions they're getting a few cents back. >> i don't want then nis anyway.
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they jingle in my pocket or and up on the rug. >> he decided to end production of pennies. >> a rare spired stopped a multimillion dollar construction. an 18-month project is on hold because a crewman discovered a rare side are called the breaking back mesh weaver. the highway administration will consider ways to continue the project without disturbing the spider's habitat. maybe should bring the i do up with the dog poop. he is handling it. >> we're well coming a new addition. our own charley -- crowson, his
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little baby girl at six pounds. he was having a little difficulty there because they didn't get mass -- >> an e messingal treb bought to the first man on the moon. >> remembering neil armstrong. that's coming up on abc2 at 6:00. mt. vernon, there has been an arrest made in a murder that happened there last night. why police believe the man shot two people. >> the student accused of shooting at perry hall high school made his first court appearance. >> and already got an iphone but thinking about getting a new one? well, what you should know. right now we want to take you back to camden yards. moments ago


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